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Musical Dramas

Laurie has produced several musical dramas in which she plays the role of a bible character, or person searching for the truth. Here is a synopsis of them.

You can watch video clips of some of her dramas on this web site by clicking the "Watch Video" Buttons below.

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"Was Blind, But Now I See"

Video Clips from Laurie Atkins Watch video clips from a live performance of "Was Blind, But Now I See - Fanny Crosby"

The life of Fanny Crosby is a remarkable journey. Blinded as a baby by a poor diagnosis and treatment of an eye infection, she was determined not to let it become a handicap. Her accomplishments despite her condition are staggering, writing more than 8,000 hymns and Sunday School songs.

Her story is a reminder that God can use you no matter what your physical limitations are or how ordinary you think you are. People are not born into greatness, but rather, greatness is thrust upon them if they have a willing heart and spirit to serve God.

Most of the songs sung in this presentation are, of course, Fanny Crosby's work. While others, before she started writing, are Laurie's own original compositions.

Mephibosheth"Unconditionally Loved"

Unconditionally Loved Video Watch clips from Laurie's "Unconditionally Loved" video.

This is the story of Mephibosheth. It is moving story of love and friendship. David searches for the crippled son of Jonathan, his best friend. It is told from the perspective of the nurse who was responsible for crippling the boy and in fear for his life, she tries to hide him from David.

It talks a little bit about guilt, but is primarily about grace. As David searched for Mephibosheth and finds him, he is adopted into the King's family. God is also reaching out his hand longing to show us that same unconditional love and adopt us into His family. He is also encouraging those of us He has already saved to show unconditional love to those who are in need.



Mary"Mary - Good and Faithful Servant"

Mary Video Clip Watch video clips from a live performance of "Mary - Good and Faithful Servant"

MaryThe story of Mary is not just a Christmas message. It covers an entire life span. So often we don't allow Mary to be any more than a figurine brought out at Christmas.

In this presentation I bring out her humanness and how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. She is a young woman willing to put her wishes aside to be obedient to her God. A mother who loves her son dearly and wanting to protect him from harm. She is a woman in crisis who needs her son's advice. She is heart broken standing at the foot of the cross. Even her reminiscing, everything she pondered and treasured in her heart, is no comfort.

She becomes a woman of prayer, longing for the day when she will hear her saviour say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Laurie Atkins - Unconditionally Loved"My Eyes Shall See"

My Eyes Shall See Video Clips Watch video clips from a live performance of "My Eyes Shall See"

This is the story of Martha. It is a scriptural journey through the life of workaholic Martha, which is something we can all identify with. Her encounter with the Lord Jesus starts out with some strong rebukes but then she moves slowly to acknowledge him as a friend, a healer, a miracle worker, to finally, her saviour.

It covers the time frame of the last part of Jesus' ministry, through the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, His death and resurrection. It is not until Jesus is gone that Martha realizes Mary had chosen what was better but she determines to serve her Master with a better attitude and a hopeful heart to one day sit at Jesus feet in glory.

The Heart of Christmas Photo"The Heart Of Christmas"

Heart Of Christmas Sample Watch video clips from a live performance of "The Heart of Christmas"

This is a series of short stories and music that starts with the crowded village of Bethlehem and Joseph's frantic search for lodging. The morning after the birth of Jesus, life in the village continues as normal while Mary in the stable ponders everything that has happened.

A school teacher finds joy and humor in directing her grade two's efforts in the Christmas Play.

A woman whose family is falling apart finds truth in the words spoken by an under privileged child at a crowded shopping mall.

What was the phenomenon of the star of Bethlehem and what was it's actual purpose?

Message"The Messenger and The Message"

Laurie Atkins - Message & the Messanger Messenger and The Message Watch video clips from "The Messenger and The Message"

This is the story of the Angel Gabriel bringing God's seed the earth. It is a thrilling and different slant on the Christmas story.

Gabriel actually becomes the protector of Mary and Joseph and sees to it that Lucifer can not thwart the plans of God.

After the child is born, Gabriel is allowed to see briefly into the future and looks in horror at the pierced hands and the suffering saviour. But he comes to understand God's plan and sees there is victory over sin and death for Adam's race.