Laurie Atkins A.R.C.T.(SOCAN) Phone: 905- 271- 0009
                    1161 Saginaw Cres. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5H 3W4

Ministry Description

Laurie is in full time concert ministry. She has produced several albums consisting of mostly original works with a bit of classical and traditional. She is kept quite busy doing concerts and retreats, worship leading, music workshops, campfires etc.

She travels with her own professional lighting and sound systems. Lorne, her husband, looks after the technical aspects. He also often helps with the worship leading and campfires.

The concerts are arranged for each particular occasion, and appeal to all appropriate ages. They may include classical, traditional, folk and contemporary selections.

Laurie has a number of Bible based musical dramas which she has written for special occasions. These are sometimes presented as the message in a morning worship service.

Laurie's presence is dynamic. Her songs, mostly original, are a testimony which most believers can relate to. Their messages are also inviting and convicting to the nonbeliever.

Republic of Georgia Mission Trip August 2007

What an amazing opportunity to share God's gift of music in another country. Everyone was so receptive to us and appreciated that we came from so far just to sing for them. The people, like the country are very beautiful, but so hungry spiritually. They have been left in economic ruin since the fall of communism and are still under bondage by a church that takes away all Christian freedom including the personal reading of the scriptures.

In the time we were there we handed out more than 1,000 Bibles to adults and children who were overwhelmed with this small gift that we take for granted.

We sang for Majors and Generals, Police Chiefs and Politicians. All were receptive to our message. We are hopeful that change and economic stability will come to this war torn nation. Pray with me that the Church will return to it's first love by reading and understanding God's Word. Pray that Bibles may be made available and distributed to those in the military. This will strengthen their forces from with-in. Pray too, for the small, but growing group of evangelical pastors and believers. Pray for their protection and ask God to give them strength and courage as they reach their nation for Christ.